Fire Damage Restoration Dallas

fire damage restoration companyFire damage in your home can be stressful. ServiceMaster Fire Restoration has the professionals and experience to quickly clean up and restore your home to new after fire damage.

There’s never a convenient time for fire damage to strike your home. So when an emergency situation arises in your home, ​contact us​ and we’ll be there fast with the help you need!

Our fire restoration services include:

  • Extensive cleanup of burned structure and property
  • Tarping of roof and other structures to protect contents
  • Complete cleanup of soot and debris left by fire
  • Demolition of damaged materials
  • Fix damage caused by firefighting methods (water, foam, fire fighting chemicals)
  • Water damage restoration to avoid mold and mildew
  • Household goods pack out
  • Contents cleaning and restoration
  • Furniture cleaning and restoration
  • Secure contents storage during cleaning and reconstruction

Odor removal from ​smoke damage

Why Choose ServiceMaster for Fire Restoration in Dallas, Texas?

ServiceMaster Fire Restoration​ offers professional fire damage repair and restoration services to ensure that your home or business is returned to a safe, healthy, and clean environment. If your home or business has experienced fire or smoke damage in Dallas, Texas or surrounding areas, from a kitchen, electrical or any smoke/soot related fire, call us at 972­563­4448. We will clean and restore your smoke damaged property to its original condition. ​Our Certified technicians are experienced in using proper cleaning techniques and equipment to remove soot and odor from affected materials. ​ServiceMaster has the expertise to quickly get your property cleaned up and restored. We are certified, experienced and equipped to handle fire and smoke damage restoration projects in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas.

What are your business hours?

For fire damage repair in Dallas, ServiceMaster has a response team available 24/7. Many fires happen at night. We are here to help at any hour. Our certified on­site technicians rescue and protect assets, while preventing further damage. We provide immediate assessments using state­of­the­art fire damage repair equipment. As the premier ​fire damage restoration company​ in Dallas, ServiceMaster can help you restore your home to new.

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