Suicide and Trauma Cleanup Services:

ServiceMaster Disaster Control specializes in biohazard restoration in Dallas, Texas and surrounding communities. Our supervisors and technicians are trained in blood­borne pathogen controls, respiratory protection, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). We have a dedicated staff to address all the uncomfortable details of post trauma bio cleaning services in Dallas—so you won’t have to worry about it.

We are open 24 hours, 365 days per year at 972­-563­-4448. Once you contact us, our technicians will arrive onsite within one to four hours. When our team arrives, they will review the situation. In most cases, homeowners insurance or business property insurance will cover the cost of our services. The damaged caused to property was unintentional so this applies even in the event of a suicide or other trauma in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. You may qualify for other financial assistance as well. We will take time to explain everything that needs to be addressed and how long the cleaning will take. Upon acceptance of the proposal, we immediately begin the suicide clean­up process.
Our Certified technicians are experienced in using personal protective gear and highly trained to remove body fluids, biological material and blood from affected materials. These may contain pathogens, such as MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis C and B, and E. Coli bacteria which could generate illness if not decontaminated correctly and swiftly.
Property managers and owners must consider the serious safety and health concerns caused by a death in an office, home or rental property in Dallas, Texas. By calling in a professional suicide clean up provider, you help protect the health and safety of occupants. We will provide you a Certificate of Treatment for future home sale or rental purposes, and meet insurance requirements. We even coordinate with your insurance adjuster to ensure the highest level of service and satisfaction. ServiceMaster is the best choice for trauma cleanup in DFW.


What to look for when selecting a trauma cleanup provider in Dallas, Texas:

Many organizations who say they specialize in this type of task do not fulfill the minimum legal requirements prescribed by OSHA or the EPA. Consequently, they present a direct liability to their customers, due to lack of proper insurance coverage.

If you are in need of bio cleaning services, we suggest that a professional biohazard restoration company meets these criteria:

  • National Brand affiliation such as ServiceMaster, a publicly traded company
  • OHSA regulation compliance
  • Companies must provide annual training and certification
  • Maintain appropriate business liability and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Hepatitis B vaccine up to date
  • Certified Employees
  • Relationship with Medical Waste Disposal firm

Quickly doing some cosmetic fixes and covering up biological odor with masking agents will always cost less than using the proper decontamination processes, and following the regulations to completely remediate a damage. However, the risk of a regrowth of dangerous biological pathogens and legal backlash is not worth the initial savings. In fact, it may result in expensive remodeling and additional remediation costs.

For those in search of biohazard remediation services, and those who suggest these services to folks in their community, make sure you select an organization with a reputation for Restoring Peace of Mind. ServiceMaster is committed to easing the burden during Dallas area suicide cleanup.

Services Include:

  • Crime scene clean up
  • Suicide clean up
  • Blood clean up
  • Homicide clean up
  • Bio hazard clean up
  • Death clean up
  • Disinfection

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